Care Meets Wholesome Nutrition

At Brookside, we know how important food is. Not only are meals essential for nourishing a person’s body, but meals also provide necessary nourishment for the mind and soul. Our goal is to see our residents thrive through respect, kindness and understanding. We focus on an anxiety free atmosphere at all times for the ones we care for, but especially at meal times. We pay close attention to what may or may not work for individuals, and realize that these too may change over time. Along with providing a social environment for the community to gather together for meals, we also provide a private dining room for those who may need a little less distraction or quiet atmosphere. Our dining room is a place where residents know they can expect a high standard in both food and service quality. Our servers and caretakers make sure that compassion is provided with every plate. We are constantly checking with our residents and loved ones to ensure their experience is satisfactory and appreciate the fact that we can always be improving.


We plan our menu each week with care, as well as providing flexible service tuned specifically to the resident’s wants and needs. Understanding the importance of flexibility while serving those with dementia is just as important as stability and routine. When our kitchen is open, we are always ready and excited to serve. We believe with constant attention to detail and every individual, we can provide the best overall care. Our chefs cook with a knowledge and understanding that tastes and smells can impact a person’s memory. We know that one meal can sincerely make a change in someone’s life and we own that role with pride.


5-star quality meals matched with a care standard that goes above and beyond, we are proud to serve your loved ones in the way that we know they deserve. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be there for you.


-The Brookside Culinary Team-

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